Because if I can get paid a decent salary to string together garbage on a regular basis like Steve Kraske can, I’d like to apply for his job.

In his latest column, Kraske leapfrogs off of the Sestak/White House “scandal”, in which then primary challenger Joe Sestak was offered an unsexy and unpaid advisory position while keeping his job as US Representative at the same time as dropping his primary challenge to sitting US Senator Arlen Specter.  That a senior party official asking a primary challenger to leave the race qualifies a scandal is only a testament to the stupidity of the press and the desperation of the opposition party.

Kraske pairs this (because Democrats and Republicans always mirror each other and do equally bad things, don’t you see?!?!) with Peter Kinder’s massive donation to Thomas Schweich last December, which Kraske paints as some sort of payback from Kinder to Schweich for getting out of the GOP primary for Senate against Roy Blunt. Kinder owes former Gov. Matt Blunt $300,000 from Kinder’s re-election campaign in 2008, and hasn’t asked for repayment yet. Well, as far as we know, anyway.

To review, Kraske equivocates an offer of an unpaid advisory position that few people outside the government have heard of with $100,000 in campaign cash. The real scandal here is not just that candidates can get loans of $300,000 that they never have to pay back, or throw around $100,000 to help out another favored candidate. It’s also that whatever Kinder’s motives were for giving Schweich that money, he knew that Big Daddy Sinquefield can swoop in at any time to bail him out. Kinder’s already up to $50,000 from Sinquefield, and he hasn’t even announced officially that he’s running for governor.