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Last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed an environmental scientist from Tulane University who described the process by which the Gulf of Mexico is dying.  Everyone is focused on the oil damage, but there has been a “dead zone” around the mouth of the Mississippi River for years caused by the chemicals that farmers use in the watersheds that empty into the river.

Reading this article about how the EPA is finally going to investigate the pollution caused by concentrated animal feeding operations (factory farms,) I’m reminded of those futuristic novels of the 70’s that predicted the death of the planet.

We knew about all of these problems 40 years ago, and we were making headway on solving some of them.  E.g., electric cars in California, educating women about birth control, cleaning up the rivers and lakes, recycling, protecting wetlands, etc.   Then came  the Reagan era and the masterminds of deceptive language who wrote his scripts.  All of a sudden our problems were all caused by “welfare queens” and greedy unions.  It was “morning in America” and to hell with the rest of you.  I got mine and that’s all that mattered.  “Greed is good.”  “Shop til you drop.”

So now we’re obese and bankrupt.  Someone said of the oil disaster, “The ocean is crying.”  Mother Earth is trying to tell us something.  Meanwhile, the media perseverate on whether President Obama is “angry enough.”

I used to think that electing Democrats would help change things for the better. But the masterminds of deceptive language are still at it, and MSM just repeats their nonsense.  I’m not feeling very optimistic right now.  What do you think?