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Previously: Rep. Denny Hoskins (r): a short fuse on the floor of the House (May 15, 2010)

Representative Michael Frame (D):….And when looked up, when I turned up again he was almost nose to nose with me. And asking me if, if I had a, a problem, with some few other cuss words thrown in there as well, too. And, and do I have a problem, do I have problem. I told him he was, you know, to paraphrase, was, was way out of line. He really needs to step back…

“…with some few other cuss words thrown in there as well…”

The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal printed the story in today’s edition, quoting Representative Tim Flook (r):

5/17/2010 1:26:00 PM

A Dust-Up for Denny?

Tempers or politics flare in final hours of session

Jack Miles


….”All Denny did was walk over and say, ‘Hey, what’s the problem with the bill? He had his hands in his pockets,” Flook said, adding, “The whole thing was a joke.”

Well, that sounds totally innocent, doesn’t it?

Okay, the Star-Journal also quotes Representatives Frame (D), Burnett (D), and Skaggs (D), the latter relating the use of “curse words”.

Old media presents equal and opposing viewpoints. I suppose all we can do for them is hope that someone caught the confrontation on audio and/or video.

You’d think someone would ask Representative Flook (r), when you were actually interviewing him, about how he managed to get across the floor of the House to so closely and definitively witness the exchange on the Democratic side of the chamber and how he could characterize the incident so differently from those three Democratic representatives. You’d think.

It’s time to convene another panel on blogger ethics.

Update: Representative Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) via Facebook:

Wow, only in Warrensburg can two legislators disagree and it makes the news. Since my side of the story was not printed, I’ll elaborate more here. Rep. Frame and others were yelling, making noises and snide comments from the back of the House Chamber during my presentation of SCR 31. As I prefer to talk face-to-face… with someone versus shouting and hiding in the “peanut gallery”, I finished my closing remarks, went over to Rep. Frame and asked him if he had a problem with my bill as I could not help but hear shouting and yelling from the back of the chamber. Rep. Frame responded “Don’t you square up to me!” to which I responded, “I’ve got my hands in my pockets, I’m just asking you a question.” Rep. Skaggs and Rep. Burnett then jumped in and tried to escalate the situation by yelling remarks at me.

If Mr. Miles, Editor of the DSJ, was not friends with Rep. Skaggs this would have never even made the news.

I will continue to advocate for legislation important to my constituents and not be bullied by Rep. Frame or his accomplices.

[emphasis added]

A quote from the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal:

…Hoskins said, “I had a disagreement and didn’t appreciate some of the disrespectful comments from the peanut gallery…”

Maybe the paper doesn’t print some of the stuff it doesn’t find credible.

And using the term “peanut gallery” is respectful? Just asking.