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Missouri State Senate President Pro Tem Charlie Shields (r) was quoted in today’s Warrensburg Daily-Star Journal:

5/17/2010 12:55:00 PM

SESSION ENDS: Education, ethics, abortion measures pass; jobs bill among failures

Senate leaders say bipartisanship key to session’s success

Jack Miles


….Shields’ parting comment focused on the need for trained journalists.

“This place works better when we have an active, engaged press corps. People need to get their news from credible sources, and not blogs. To the extent … I can help emphasize having good members of the press with good training and good credentials and good ethics being the ones to report on what the General Assembly does, I would be absolutely willing to help that.”

What kind of training? Or do you mean like trained seals who applaud on cue? Just asking.

It’s time, again, for another panel on blogger ethics.