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Yeah, yeah, we know, we didn’t get any photos in the Senate.

Representative Beth Low (D-39) speaking against ant-choice legislation for the “millionth time”.

Representative Low did not file for re-election and will not return to the House. Instead, she has taken a position as director of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition.

The ubiquitous right wingnut anti-choice bill, with the usual results.

A typical end of session scene on a representative’s desk on the floor of the House.

“…There is a constant hubbub of conversation and activity taking place barely below the debate and action on the floor…”

Representative Jason Holsman (D-45) in debate on the House floor.

The ceiling of the House chamber – photo taken during a recess.

Representative Jason Kander (D-44) during debate on ethics reform legislation.

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (D) in conversation in a side gallery.

Is that, can it be? Yes, the stenographer in the press gallery above the dais!

We’ve been told that the Capitol press corps says we’re not allowed on that turf. Heh. That’s an interesting story for another day.