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Last night House Minority Leader and Representative Paul LeVota (D-52) released a video on his assessment at the end of the legislative session:

Representative Paul LeVota (D): Well, uh, we’re calling this the non-binding legislative session. The Republican majority decided to spend most of the time on non-binding resolutions telling the federal government what to do, not really dealing with the issues that the state should be dealing with. The biggest issue that was not done this session was dealing with our ongoing budget. House Democrats have continually said that we need to have a balanced approach. Cuts are necessary, but we need to look at tax credit reform and also other ways to bring in revenue. And, that simply wasn’t done, so next year we’re gonna have an even tougher budget year and no forward thinking on behalf of the, um, House leadership, the majority party. That’s a shame because all we did is kick down, kick down the road, uh, the issues that we have in our state.

Um, we’re glad that there’s an autism bill done. Hose Democrats worked very hard on that. Um, a, a little disappointed that ethics reform wasn’t stronger, but we know without House Democrats that never would have happened in the first place. But the, maybe the, besides the budget, maybe the biggest disappointment is we didn’t work enough on jobs for the people of Missouri. So, um, they’re going to continue to have to struggle without any action from, uh, this General Assembly. And it is my hope that all these issues get out over the summer and in the fall, um, we elect a new legislature and next January, finally we have a little more focus, we deal with some of the issues that the people of Missouri, uh, need to deal with. I’m optimistic that will happen and, uh, I’ll continue to believe in the people of Missouri.