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The Washington Post and ABC News conducted a poll April 22nd through the 25th of 1001 adults nationwide on the subject of teabagger sheeple. The margin of error was 3%.

Among the results – 2% (yes, that’s two percent) of all adults consider themselves “active participants” as teabaggers.

And that two percent gets lots of media attention (Senator Claire McCaskill’s press conference in Jefferson City on August 27, 2009):

“…there were clearly a lot of people here that were more interested in disrupting and showing their anger than listening or having any kind of discourse…I feel for the people who come that want to listen. They can’t when people start screaming out and, it is bad manners. And by the way, I don’t think it’s particularly persuasive. I don’t think, being the loudest doesn’t make you right. And it generally doesn’t work very well in terms of convincing other people….”

“…being the loudest doesn’t make you right…” Tell that to the Faux News Channel.

7% of teabaggers and 61% of their opponents think the teabaggers are motivated by “racial prejudice against Obama”.


From the poll: “…A majority are not interested in learning more about the movement, and more say they dislike what they hear about the tea party than like it…”

That kind of gives you more faith in the American people, doesn’t it?