With all due respect to Fired Up Missouri, I don’t really care so much if Roy Blunt flip flopped on pre-existing conditions. Or rather, I do care that he changed his position, in that he changed his position to that I find deplorable and stated it in the crassest way possible. I mean, under Roy Blunt’s criteria, women who can’t get insurance after getting breast cancer have only themselves to blame.

My sister has a rare autoimmune disorder and, luckily, good insurance. She also has a good job. But if she should ever decide to move because she meets the right guy, or if God forbid the job ceased to exist, she’d have a really hard time getting affordable coverage again. Another friend of mine has a similar chronic disease, and is stuck in a crappy job because she can’t afford to lose the coverage that she’s got. Another person I know had to have a minor operation. Her doctor counseled that she wait to get the operation until she went to Europe that year so that the condition wouldn’t get recorded in her medical file and be a reason to deny insurance coverage later on in life.

In Roy Blunt’s view, these are all people who should suck it up, because it’s their fault. I’d love for him to flip flop once again back to his original(?) position that insurance companies should cover everyone.

…I’ll just add that the problem that I presented in each of my examples is now non-existent, because the Affordable Health Care Act eliminates it. Insurance companies will have to stop denying people coverage.