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Democrat Arthur Lieber filed to face Todd Akin. Lieber may be an innovator in Clayton touch football or it might be another Lieber. 2008 Democratic Nominee Bill Haas filed as a Republican to expand the primary field to 4 Republicans. Haas is presumably the most liberal candidate in the Republican field and the favorite to finish last. Cya in 2012, Bill.

Democrat Clint Hylton of Polo filed in the 6th Congressional district today. Hylton appears to be an insurance salesman and he will face Doctor Ted Rights of Hamilton in the Democratic primary to face noted Republican street-brawler Sam Graves in November.

Democrat (!?!?!) Scott Eckersley of Kimberling City filed in CD7 to face Tim Davis of Branson. Eckersley is best known for suing the state of Missouri, alleging he was fired for blowing the whistle on Blunt administration e-mail destruction. Tim Davis seems like a pretty qualified candidate and I hope Eckersley got the gift basket for joining the party already. If you’re a Democrat in CD7 and undecided, at least you’ll get a contested primary to vote in this Summer. Republican Steve Hunter of Joplin also filed in the 7th CD, expanding that field to 9 candidates.

And why yes, no Democrats filed against Blaine Luetkemeyer. But another Libertarian filed (Christopher Dwyer of Hallsville will face Steven Wilson of Westphalia). Hope the Libertarian isn’t embarrassingly crazy because he’ll be the only alternative to Luetkemeyer now.

Republican Ronald Beller of Kaiser and Libertarian Martin Lindstedt of Granby filed for the US Senate. Beller ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1992 and for the state House as a Republican in 1998, losing primaries both times. Lindstedt is a White Supremacist who ran in every cycle from 1994 to 2004, missing the last two while imprisoned/institutionalized. The Senate Field is 11 Republicans, 3 Democrats, 3 Libertarians, 2 Constitution Party candidates and 1 nutball racist write-in.

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2008 Republican CD4 nominee Jeff Parnell of Rogersville filed for the 4th district again, providing an early favorite to finish third in the 10 candidate primary.

Lots of Libertarians fueled up their freedom-powered minivan and filed today. Steven Hedrick of Warrensburg filed for Congress in the 3rd district, which is a few hours east of Warrensburg. Thomas Holbrook of Warrensburg filed in the 4th Congressional district, to create a contested primary with Jason Michael Braun of Harrisonville (and you say that there’s no Johnson/Cass rivalry). Randy Langkraehr of Warrensburg filed in the 5th Congressional District. Constitution party candidate Nick Ivanovich filed in the 3rd district as well.

Democrat James Long of St. Louis filed in the 4th Senate District. Republican Greg Zotta of Imperial filed to face Senator Ryan McKenna in the 22nd Senate District. Democrat Helen Steele Burton of St. Louis filed in the 24th Senate District. Constitution party candidate Richard Newton of Washington filed in the 26th Senate district. Republican John DeStefano of Kansas City filed in the 34th Senate District. Democrats are contesting 12 of 17 Senate Districts, Republicans are contesting 14 of 17 Senate Districts.

Democrat Robert Ritterbusch of Maryville filed to face Mike Thomson in HD4. Democrat Dale Toms of Polo filed to face Mike Lair in HD7. Republican Jason Gregory of St. Joseph filed to face Pat Conway in HD27. Republican Fred Walter filed in HD35 in a 3 candidate field, with the winner facing Democrat Jim Baldwin of Holt.

Four more Democrats filed to replace Roman LeBlanc in HD43 (who is leaving after one term). Ron Hunt, Karis Harrington, Randy Dunn, and Kim Douglass will join Mark Wassterstrom in that primary.

Democrat Penny Hubbard (mother of Rodney? asked Jake Wagman) filed in HD57 against Freshman Dem James Morris. Democrats David Leipholtz and Daniel Schesch filed in HD64. Republicans Patricia Verde and Damien Johnson filed in HD64 as well. Republican Bill Hartzog filed in HD66. Democrats Stephen Findley and Paul Kieselhorst filed in HD73, challenging Stacey Newman. Democrat Eillen McGeoghegan filed in HD77. Republican Ryan Meyer of Ballwin filed to primary Andrew Koenig in HD88 (no word on if Meyer likes tourism promotion). Republican Keith Guichet of Manchester filed in HD92, joining Don Griffin in primarying Sue Allen for some reason. Former State Rep and current Abe Lincoln lookalike George “Bob” Engelbach will be facing Ron Casey in HD103. Republican Joe Rusch will be facing Jacob Hummel in HD108. Democrat Cy Dashtaki of Jefferson City is running for the open seat in HD113.

Constitution Partier Gary Murray of Lawson filed in HD5. Constitution partier Steven Newton filed in HD95, setting up a contested Constitution Party primary with Charles Harter. Constitution Partier Jennifer Friedrich of St. Mary is running in HD157. While Libertarian Bill Wayne filed in HD121 and he will be facing our favorite Republican CPA and his much more qualified able Democratic opponent in November.

Our Congrats to Linda and John Fischer because they will be facing each other in November in HD107. If this is a “we’ll make it in the newspapers” campaign, I hope they use the same campaign manager to cut costs.

581 candidates filed total. 212 Republicans, 171 Democrats, 19 Constitution Party, and 11 Libertarians are running for the State House. The Libertarians filed more candidates overall than the Constitution Party, by a 28-27 margin.

The smoke is clearing. Time to have fun.