Seven candidates filed for the US House, State Senate or State House today. It must have been too nice to cause any more of a rush to Jeff City.

Republican Rusty Wallace of House Springs filed in the 3rd Congressional district. Will Ed Martin have enough in his gas tank to outrun a candidate who shares a name with a NASCAR driver? We’ll see. (Added bonus: the famous Rusty Wallace is from South STL County in the 3rd. The potential for the most hilarious primary result ever is still out there) John Wayne Tucker of Arnold is also running in the Republican primary. Russ Carnahan has 3 primary opponents.

Republican Eric James McElroy of Tunas filed in the 4th Congressional district. For those of you unfamilar, Tunas is an unincorporated community in Dallas County, northeast of Springfield. McElroy faces Vicky Hartzler, Bill Stouffer and 5 dwarfs in the Republican primary. Ike Skelton faces an opponent in the Democratic primary.

Republican Jerry Fowler of Richmond filed in the 5th Congressional district. No word on why a 4th district resident is running in the 5th district, aside from contrariness. Fowler faces the increasingly perennial Jacob Turk and 2 other Republicans. The winner of the Republican primary will lose decisively to Emanuel Cleaver and like it, dad-gummit.

Democrat Jim Lepper filed to face Senator Jolie Justus in the 10th district for some reason. The only info on him involves him trying to get tea partiers to give a damn about a Democratic primary. Republican Lindell Shumake of Hannibal filed in the 6th State House district. Republican Bill Birkes of Joplin filed in the 128th state house district creating a contested primary with Charlie Davis of Webb City. Lastly, Republican Bernie Mowinski of Sunrise Beach filed in the 155th state house district and he has two opponents in the primary. No word on if he has ever operated a lawn-mowing business. Also, State Rep Roman Lee LeBlanc is apparently going to end his re-election candidacy on Monday.

Filing ends at 5pm on Tuesday. Sam Graves, Todd Akin, and Blaine Luetkemeyer need Democratic Challengers. Just Saying.