We need a new Senate Majority Leader.

Harry Reid has failed. Miserably. The republicans have so thoroughly run roughshod over him that he could not cut a more accurate caricature of “pathetically weak” if he were a cuckholded husband who sat at home and did her laundry while his wife was out sharing her favors with anyone who would buy her a drink.

He is not enough of a man to get the job done. Someone else needs to take the wheel and drive us to November.

Let’s consider our options carefully here. Hell, before we start the hiring process, let’s start with writing the job description.  

The successful candidate for this job is going to need to be tough enough to crack heads – across the aisle and in their own caucus. A leader who will tear up a miscreant no matter what side they are on, because they realize it is more about accountability than electability – and realizes that the American people will likely reward a leader that demands the former with the latter. Experience raising teenager girls a plus because that is what the republicans are acting like. Knowing how to deal with hystrionics about the end of the world over trivialities is practically mandatory, as is a willingness to stand up on ones hind legs and land some fucking punches that bloody some noses.

A background in sound fiscal jurisprudence coupled with liberal social positions, a person who believes that we should live and let live…on a budget.

And sorry guys, but no northeast liberals need apply. The next one has to be someone from the middle. In every sense of the word, politically and geographically, someone who understands gun rights like a rancher from Montana and gun control like an urban prosecutor.

Actually – I know who we ought to offer the job to right now.

I just described my Senator, Claire McCaskill.

Stop for a moment and consider just how tenacious she has been in prosecuting charges of fraud and abuse in Pentagon contracts. She has been an absolute bulldog in going after contractors who have defrauded the government, using skills she honed both as a tough county prosecutor in a large urban area and then as a successful state auditor.

Every qualification for the job that I just listed, she has, right up to and including being from smack-dab in the middle of the map. Missouri has a history that is not quite southern and not quite northern, either. A smart, savvy native daughter of Missouri who is accutely aware of our history as a state might be uniquely qualified to lead the Senate Democrats right now.