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Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning (r – obstruction) blinked:


Office of the Press Secretary


March 2, 2010

Statement by President Obama on Signing of UI Extension Bill

“During these difficult economic times, supporting American workers, their families and our small businesses must be everyone’s focus. The bill passed tonight by the Senate will extend access to health care benefits for workers who have lost their jobs, help small businesses get loans so they can grow and hire, and extend unemployment insurance benefits for millions of Americans who are looking for work. I’m grateful to the members of the Senate on both sides of the aisle who worked to end this roadblock to relief for America’s working families.”


We received the following statement from Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D) office:

“The idea that someone would play politics with unemployment benefits while our country is facing ten percent unemployment is offensive,” McCaskill said.  “This emergency extension was about keeping food on the table for thousands of unemployed families, yet Republicans were more concerned with holding things up in the Senate.  When Americans see this sort of thing happening in Congress, they have every right to be frustrated.  Frankly, I’m frustrated too.”

Petulance appears to be a republican trait:

…Bunning’s obstruction, however, continues on another front.

Democrats say he has put a hold on all pending presidential nominations, effectively blocking “several dozen” of President Obama’s nomations…

Good luck Senator McCaskill.