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Today was the first day of March and day 4 (or 5) of filing (Nobody filed last Friday and I haven’t checked to see if the place was open or not). 12 candidates filed for office today and 10 of them are going to get covered (Sorry Circuit Judges).

Four incumbent Congressmen filed today (Lacy Clay, Todd Akin, Jo Ann Emerson, and Blaine Luetkemeyer) and coincidentally, all four have primary challenges. The only member of the Missouri Delegation who hasn’t filed is Ike Skelton, who has given every sign of running for re-election. Congressman Skelton will be facing a primary opponent, Leonard Steinman of Jefferson City. Steinman ran for the State House in 2008 and lost to Bill Deeken by a 74%-26% margin. This is the first time Skelton has been opposed in a primary since 1994, where he won 82% against 2 opponents.

Also, Martin D. Baker filed as a Republican in the 1st Congressional district. Baker’s mailing address is in Sikeston, a 2 hour drive south of the district. Baker ran for Congress in the Jackson County-based 5th Congressional district in 2008, finishing 3rd in a 4 candidate field. Baker’s Republican opponent is Robyn Hamlin of North St. Louis County. Congressman Lacy Clay has a primary opponent and 2 Libertarians are having a primary for their nomination.

Republican Nola Wood filed in the 45th State House district vs. incumbent Democrat Jason Holsman and Republican Rodney Williams filed in the open 46th State House district. Constitution Party candidate Charles Harter filed in the 95th State House district vs. incumbent Republican Mike Leara.

Lastly, Holmes Osborne of Odessa became the second Democrat to file in the 122nd State House district. Who is the son of actor Holmes Osborne who you may remember from such roles as Eddie Darko in Donnie Darko and 83 other film and television titles. I went into this post thinking the actor and the candidate were the same and I am suspecting that is not true after receiving more information.

The first Democrat to file was Gary Grigsby who is a small businessman and all around awesome guy who would do an immensely better job than Mike McGhee.

No matter who wins the primary there, here’s to hoping that Mike McGhee (who was shaken into running again) loses re-election and finds a new career in Hollywood (presumably as an actor playing the “in over his head” elected official and not as a prop builder).

Aw, primary season. Sometimes it’s like a B movie. Without zombies rampaging the countryside, presumably. Over/under for Tuesday is 6 new candidate filings.