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Doublethink, thy name is Tim Pawlenty. Gov. Pawlenty (R-MN), who used to be a champion of fighting climate change, for example, has flip flopped into the Tea Party camp and now questions the science. For that, he gets Dick Armey’s blessing on his 2012 presidential aspirations. But wait. Tea Partiers are, above all, fiscal conservatives. And yet Pawlenty kicked off the Missouri Republicans’ annual Lincoln Days celebration with encomiums to the past master of wasteful government spending, Roy Blunt.

“I’ve thrown my cap over the wall for Roy,” Pawlenty told the Post-Dispatch in an interview Thursday. (…)

Pawlenty, the keynote speaker at tonight’s session, said he will talk about getting the Republican Party back to its roots. He criticized his party’s failures in the last couple of election cycles, mentioning that the party “blew it” and got fired for not living up to its principles.

“When we talk about being the party of personal and financial responsibility, then we have to do that,” he said.

Hey, governor?

“Big Spender Congressman Blunt was part of the Congressional leadership team that turned a $128 billion surplus into a $1.2 trillion deficit and quadrupled the number of earmarks from 2,838 in 1999 to nearly 12,000 in 2008.”

But Pawlenty doesn’t sweat those details:

“I don’t think it should disqualify somebody for service, just because they served in the past,” Pawlenty said of Blunt.

But…but…Roy Blunt didn’t just “serve” in the past. He was part of the leadership that “blew it”.

Pawlenty would shake his head sadly if he heard that remark and wish that he really could live in 1984, where Big Brother would have me thrown in a cell with Winston Smith for such thoughtcrime.

Despite Pawlenty’s proficiency at doublethink, Blunt takes no back seat to his fellow Republican when it comes to ignoring the obvious. Roy claims to represent average Missourians. This, despite the fact that he accepted more funds from big banks in the last two years than any other member of Congress. Missouri Pro-Vote’s press release last Friday summed it up:

[ University City , MO ] – Local advocates of financial reform will construct and investigate a mock crime scene outside the University City Commerce Bank this Friday, February 26th in a demonstration to call out Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt and Commerce Bank for their complicity in the crime of killing consumer protection legislation that would benefit millions of Missourians. This action is being performed to encourage Congressman Blunt to stop representing the interests of big banking and financial institutions, and to start protecting Missouri ‘s taxpayers and small business owners from the greedy and reckless behavior of “Too-Big-To-Fail” financial institutions.

The American Banking Association, of which Commerce Bank is a member, along with several other big banking advocates and lobbyists have donated over $170,000 to Congressman Blunt in the last two years alone, making him the top receiver of banking industry money in all of Congress. In 2009, Congressman Blunt voted to block financial reform measures by voting against the Consumer Protection Act. The ABA, Commerce Bank and Roy Blunt are complicit in the killing of financial and banking reforms Missourians want and deserve.

Yeah, well, according to Blunt, those Pro-Vote heretics deserve to join me and Winston Smith in a crowded cell.