Cold day.  Cold reception.

About 50 St. Louisans braved the cold wind blowing in front of Blue Cross/Anthem/Wellpoint (or whatever it’s called at the moment) building on Wednesday as part of the final push to get health care reform passed by Congress.

Looking up at the ceiling lights in the hundreds of offices, one couldn’t help but get the point.  They really don’t give a shit about sick people.  Row on row of cubicles filled with flunkies who figure out ways to deny paying claims from doctors and hospitals.  The sidewalk and steps going down to a small city park in front of the building are covered in cigarette butts.  Ironic, huh?  I hope those flunkies have good health insurance because they’re going to need it when cancer catches up with them.  Maybe so many of them smoke because they feel guilty knowing they are part of a huge conspiracy to deceive the American people.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius called out Blue Cross of California for paying their CEO’s obscene salaries and raising premiums by up to 39%.  She must have gotten their attention because BC out there in the Golden State (no pun intended) backed off that plan while Sibelius’ department takes a peek at their records.  Nationally, the Blue Cross/Wellpoint conglomerate made $2.7 billion profit in the last quarter of 2009.  And how did they make that money?  By letting people die.

“Bastards” is too kind a word for these creeps.

And the obstructionist Repugs……..


President Obama is taking the Repugs up on their demand for public negotiations on health care/insurance reform.  He’s invited them to a summit of sorts on Feb. 24, but now they are stalling again.  Please spare me the theatrics and get your act together – yes, YOU Senator Bond.

One of the chants at the rally yesterday was “If the people lead, the leaders will follow.”  In this case, it’s going to have to be millions of angry people if we’re going to get Harry Reid’s attention (hey, Harry, over here – look up from your notes !)

Those hearty enough to survive a 12 hour van ride to and from DC plus a mile or so of marching, contact Doug at (618) 578-1234  or email DLee4144@aol.com.  Transporation is free.  Motel will run about $50.  Leaving St. Louis early morning on the 23rd, march on the 24th, return home the 25th.  This is the final (I hope) BIG PUSH.  We’ve carried this baby for nine months and survived some pretty scary attempts to abort it (from hypocrites who call themselves “pro-life.”)  Now it’s time to deliver.  YES WE CAN.