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…because you’ve always demonstrated an affinity for accuracy and facts, right?

This is the forty-seventh post in an ongoing series as we file Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo 610) requests and investigate the non-renewal of the contract of University of Central Missouri President Aaron Podolefsky. Links to previous coverage are below the fold. BG and MB

Today Greg Hassler, part owner of KOKO radio and erstwhile tree decorating critic, opined on presidential searches at state universities:

Greg Hassler: …Good morning Woody.

Marion Woods: How-dee.

Greg Hassler: You know, there’s two things.

Marion Woods: Uh, huh.

Greg Hassler: That I’ve always kind of hung my hat on. [crosstalk]

Marion Woods: What’s that? [crosstalk]

Greg Hassler: I’ve always had two theories in life that were always pretty good, Number one, you’re never gonna see a shut out in basketball. [laughter] And number two, if you apply for enough jobs eventually you’re gonna get one.

Marion Woods: Think so?

Greg Hassler: I’ve never seen a shut out in basketball, but Aaron’s rolling, pretty getting close. He’s getting close. Didn’t get the Youngstown State deal.

Marion Woods: Yeah.

Greg Hassler: Buffalo State’s still out there.

Marion Woods: Yup.

Greg Hassler: He applied for Florida Atlantic. Just got that information, uh, late last night.

Marion Woods: Oh, really?

Greg Hassler: With forty-one other people, so, I don’t know. Throwin’ those darts, eventually one sticks on the board.

Marion Woods: Yeah.

Greg Hassler: But then again, maybe not. I also like your story on, uh, the Board of Governors coming out saying that it’s not gonna be a, uh, public search. Smart.

Marion Woods: That’s a great idea.

Greg Hassler: Very smart. You don’t want to, you know, you want to bring a quality guy in. You actually need leadership at this University, it’s been a while. And, uh, you gotta bring a good guy in, a sitting president, not someone, you know, looking for their first gig. And you don’t want to jeopardize their job ’cause, uh, the guy’s gonna, or gal, whoever it is gonna be good. And whoever, wherever they leave is gonna really miss ’em. And you don’t want to get the, the cat out of the bag so to speak.

Marion Woods: Well, they jeopardize the current job.

Greg Hassler: That’s exactly right.

Marion Woods: Yeah.

Greg Hassler: And you don’t want to do that.

Marion Woods: No.

Greg Hassler: How about those games last night?…

Let’s see, expertise and accuracy in dendrochronology. Check.

…The Podolefskys say that after Hassler’s comments became a cause celebre, they checked and found that there had been a cedar tree in the front yard that was decorated with lights in years past at Christmas time, but that it was removed five years before they arrived

[emphasis added]

Demonstrates superior grasp of the intricacies of international geography. Check.

…you know, this Wesly guy who lives in Denmark, this, you know, he’s Dutch, lives in Denmark….

Pays attention to detail and has a memory like a steel trap. Check.

…It, it was a great show…

(23:24) Darla Jaye: …the guy, the Dutch entrepreneur is, uh, from Holland. Holland is Dutch, sorry about that… (23:28)

With a record like that the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors is bound to offer the presidency to Greg Hassler.

Greg Hassler: And you don’t want to do that.

Marion Woods: No….

Yeah, they’re right about one thing.

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