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It’s one thing for our little enterprise here to call Chris Koster on the carpet for appealing a case that everybody but Big Ag wanted to see left alone. In 2008, a judge ruled that a two mile buffer zone should protect Arrow Rock Historic Village from a hog CAFO. By extension, that ruling would protect other historic sites and state parks. But Koster wants to get that ruling struck down.

Now the two biggest media outlets in the state are criticizing him too. The Kansas City Star ran two editorials (Count ’em: one and two) telling him to lay off. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reprinted the second Star editorial, the one that begins: “Attorney General Chris Koster’s latest bid to open up Missouri to more factory farms stinks.”

Will Koster think this negative attention stinks? Enough to drop the appeal? I guess we’ll see. No wonder so many Democrats still call him Koster the Imposter.