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Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond (r) has had a busy news cycle. Our previous post today: Senator Kit Bond (r): “Apologize, who me?”

And there’s this:

Martha Johnson: GSA Chief Confirmed After 9 Month Senate Hold-Up

First Posted: 02- 4-10 04:38 PM   |   Updated: 02- 4-10 05:08 PM

…Earlier in 2009, Johnson was unanimously approved by members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. But a single senator, Republican Kit Bond from Missouri, has used his symbolic ‘privilege’ to hold up consideration of Johnson’s nomination since last summer

[emphasis added]


Bond’s Senate Speech on Bannister Fears

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kit Bond, R-Missouri, spoke on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, saying the General Services Administration has “apparently been unresponsive to the ongoing health concerns of their employees and tenants at the Bannister Federal Complex….”

…Bond made the comments while defending his efforts to block the appointment of the GSA’s top executive…

Yeah, the republicans woke him up when they assumed their 41-59 majority in the Senate. Only they forgot to feed him any coherent talking points.

Do you suppose maybe if the General Services Administration would have actually had an administrator to head the agency, you know, and administer it instead of being subject to the petulant temper tantrums and whims of a particular senator that the GSA might have been more “apparently responsive” to the problems at the GSA’s Bannister complex in Kansas City? Just asking.