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Rasmussen, 12/15/09, 500 likely voters

Robin Carnahan (D) 46%

Roy Blunt (r) 44%

Other 4%

Undecided 6%

Favorable ratings: Robin 51%, Blunt 50%

Job approval ratings*: Nixon 63%, Obama 47%

Health Care legislation: 40% For, 57% Against with a 50/50 split on a “government-sponsored non-profit health insurance option” that drops after a push poll question.

It’s still effectively a draw, 11 months out.

(Edit: * – Rasmussen’s “strongly approve”/”somewhat approve” methodology could be inflating job approval ratings. Although i’m pretty sure that Obama’s job approval rating in Missouri according to Rasmussen is higher than his national job approval rating according to Rasmussen, which is confusing)