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The word from Dave Catanese suggests a disappointing or interesting turn of events in the Cynthia Davis saga:

“I plan on being a candidate in 2010, but not for Missouri State Auditor,” Davis said.

Now, let’s see. Cynthia Davis could run for the State Senate against Scott Rupp, (edit: she could run for Congress against Todd Akin, which would be hilarious), she could run for a St. Charles county or municipal office in O’Fallon, or she could run for the U. S. Senate against Roy Blunt and provide us hours of entertainment. As a Kansas City sports fan, I always bet on disappointment, so I’m sure Cynthia is prepping her race for Director of Elections or Collector of Revenue.

Cynthia Davis also bashed Tom Schweich for donating to Claire McCaskill and praising the composition of Obama’s cabinet. Because blind party loyalty is what you want in an auditor.

Meanwhile, Chuck Purgason moves onwards, hitting Roy Blunt on earmarks. No word on when Blunt will just start voting against budgets or not voting, before claiming credit for the earmarks. It’s what Kit Bond would do.