Here’s some excerpts of interest from the letter (published on Prime Buzz) and it’s not complimentary towards the idea of Speaker “Air” Tilley.

Our Missouri Republican House is full of hard-working, industrious legislators who are doing their best for Missouri.

But our attempts to build a better and stronger party are being held back by the waste and greed of select individuals who have directed the party’s resources to advance their own agendas. It began with Rod Jetton, and continues today with Steve Tilley.


Through their multiple political connections, Tilley and Jetton are inexorably connected. After Jetton left the HRCC, his leadership committee was given a jump-start of $15,922.00 by a PAC connected to Tilley. Tilley has directly employed Jetton’s consulting services, and their indirect relationships are too numerous to count here. Through them, Tilley has been linked to many of the same controversies that have embroiled Jetton.

I am unable to sympathize with them. They took an institution designed to help Republican candidates and used it to promote themselves. The Missouri Republican Party does not need and cannot afford the type of leadership that hides from the public view and operates in the shadows.

We need new leadership in the House.

For a member of the Missouri House to stand up and demand this change is unusual, but given the circumstances I see no other choice. I certainly never imagined myself doing this, but now I find myself disappointed for not doing it sooner.

We need to demand new leadership to retain our majority.  Speaker Jetton was obviously corrupted by power.  We are entrusted by the people to do what is right.  As painful as it may be for some, we need to disavow Speaker Jetton and his associates.  We are the party of values, not this disgusting behavior.  We need to clean up our House before the Democrats attack us and take the majority.



Amongst the questions and comments

1) How did Kraske and/or Prime Buzz get this letter? through a sender or one of the recipients who leaked it quickly to the media? and unless the Rep created a new e-mail account for the occasion, they know who he is and it’s only a matter of time, really.

2) Is the leaking of this letter to Prime Buzz a reason to suspect that a Western MO rep sent this letter? or is Prime Buzz just quicker than the Political Fix?

3) As for disavowing. Former Jetton clients have taken the grueling step of saying they’d never hire a company that no longer exists (Jetton & Associates) or that they’d never hire them when they’re probably never running for office again (Rob Mayer, who saw around $80K disappear into Jetton’s hands). That’ll be enough to quite a few of them.

4) The one thing worse than wrongdoing amongst the Republican political establishment is pointing out wrongdoing. So I’d be surprised if this letter causes them to change their ways. The true believers really believe that they’re the party of values, no matter how many scandals they’re involved in, and that they don’t need to change.

And when you think about it, perhaps we can say that the State of Missouri does not need and cannot afford the type of General Assembly leadership that hides from the public view and operates in the shadows. Thanks for the inspiration, anonymous Republican. We wish you the best in moving that giant boulder by yourself.