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On Thursday at Mizzou, students, faculty and alumni bundled up against the cold and gathered outside the office of UM System President Gary Forsee to protest his opposition to climate change legislation.

Forsee, who had previously signed a statement supporting a climate neutral campus, which would go far beyond any current legislation being considered, recently talked out of the other side of his mouth in opining that cap-and-trade would be bad for the university system’s bottom line. Apparently, he’s in the “We wanted to save the planet, but it would have cost too much” camp.

So the crowd that gathered sported signs like “It may be cold out right now, but if we don’t act we’ll be on the hot seat”, “Gary Forsee lacks foresight”, and “Keep your climate commitment, Gary.” The protesters would like him to know that the Union of Concerned Scientists believes that Missouri households and businesses can save $800 per year by 2030 with comprehensive action on energy issues.

Thursday’s action is commendable. It’s a start. The protesters probably know that Forsee can swat their demonstration aside like a gnat and that if they want his full attention, they’ll have to become a swarm of persistent gnats. As Vince Lombardi observed: “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.” Surprising how much, for a football coach, Lombardi knew about political activism.

Update: FiredUp! has the story about Forsee starting to walk back from his opposition to Cap and Trade.