Another note in the 40+ year Republican journey to get African-American votes from Roy Blunt, who assures us that once those minorities understand the Republican message, they’ll support Republicans:

Of the African-American community, which makes up about 11 percent of Missouri’s population according to 2007 data, Blunt said many are “socially conservative and their focus on their families is strong. We need to be sure that (minorities) understand that our message provides more opportunity for their future than I believe the other message does.”

Fortunately for Blunt, he didn’t use the phrase “play the ball where the monkey throws it“.

He’s just sticking to the same old assumptions and hoping that people forget about Katrina or never hear about Blunt’s anti-Medicare stand or his waffling on Obama being a citizen. But, not making a gaffe is a good sign for Roy Blunt.

Perhaps all Blunt can talk about involves understanding the message of Republicans, because when any voter understands the Republican record, they’re not likely to vote Republican any time soon.