The prefiling of legislation for the 2010 session of the General Assembly began on Tuesday. For some legislators, it’s time to introduce their variant of “texting while driving” bills (four have been introduced). A list of bills is located here. Here are some of the bills that caught my eye.

HB 1212 Dusenberg, Gary

Removes the Blue Springs School District from the requirement that nonresident teachers or employees pay nonresident tuition for their children and adds the Lee’s Summit School District to this provision


HB 1215 Dusenberg, Gary

Requires health screenings for public school students in the second grade and eighth grade


HB 1217 Dusenberg, Gary

Requires only persons younger than 21 years of age to wear protective headgear when operating or riding as a passenger on any motorcycle or motortricyle

Talk about making the 21st birthday a lot more special.

How about some more?

HB 1230  Davis, Cynthia L.

Creates the “Missouri Firearms Freedom Act (LR# 3213L.01I)

HB 1231 Davis, Cynthia L.

Requires Missouri driver’s examinations to be administered in English (LR# 3478L.01I)

HB 1232 Davis, Cynthia L.

Revises the crime of unlawful use of weapons by allowing any individual who is lawfully allowed to possess a firearm or weapon to openly carry it into any church or assembled place of worship (LR# 3299L.01I)

HB 1233 Davis, Cynthia L.

Amends the criteria for appointment of guardians ad litem and designation of volunteer advocates for children in certain administrative or judicial proceedings and amends the best interest of (LR# 3498L.01I)

HB 1234 Davis, Cynthia L.

Establishes the Marriage Matters Act which modifies the requirements for a dissolution of marriage or legal separation (LR# 3385L.01I)

HB 1235 Davis, Cynthia L.

Establishes additional requirements for the removal of artificially supplied nutrition and hydration (LR# 3337L.01I)

HB 1236 Davis, Cynthia L.

Establishes the Negligent Screening Act regarding induced abortions (LR# 3259L.01I)

HB 1237 Davis, Cynthia L.

Allows adopted adults who are 21 years of age or older to receive a certified copy of his or her original unaltered birth certificate (LR# 3386L.01I)

HB 1238 Davis, Cynthia L.

Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion (LR# 3479L.01I)

HB 1239 Davis, Cynthia L.

Increases the period of time a conceal carry endorsement is valid from three years to five years from the date of issuance or renewal (LR# 3378L.01I)

HB 1240 Davis, Cynthia L.

Authorizes a state income tax deduction for tuition costs for any dependent of a resident taxpayer enrolled in any elementary or secondary school or any institution of postsecondary education in this (LR# 3256L.01I)

HJR 48  Davis, Cynthia L.

Proposes a constitutional amendment which would prohibit compelling a person to participate in any health care system (LR# 3173L.01I)

HJR 49 Davis, Cynthia L.

Proposes a constitutional amendment making it unlawfult to expend public funds for abortion not medically necessary to save the mother’s life, for abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited hum (LR# 3714L.01I)

Sounds like someone missed the blog spotlight. It’s hard to pick a least favorite there.

HB 1271  Brown, Jason

Designates the Newfoundland dog as the state canine breed and Seaman, the dog accompanying Lewis and Clark on their expedition, as the state canine (LR# 3517L.03I)

Wait wait, Seaman as the state canine? Old Drum and Jim the Wonder Dog are feeling very very overlooked.

HB 1288  Sutherland, Mike

Establishes the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the ownership, possession, transportation, and breeding of large carnivores

Hm, gonna need some more info there. The description just stood out.

HB 1301 Lampe, Sara

Repeals obsolete provisions of law regarding the sale, labeling, transport, and manufacture of imitation butter

The end of the war on Margarine? No word on which advocate of Big Butter will write Steve Tilley a giant check to continue margarine prohibition.