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Public Policy Polling, 763 voters, 11/13-15/2009, (source)

Of Missouri’s last five elected Governors: John Ashcroft, Mel Carnahan, Bob Holden, Matt Blunt, and Jay Nixon- who do you have the least favorable opinion of?

Ashcroft 21%

Carnahan 19%

Holden 22%

Blunt 29%

Nixon 10%

Now, the poll was a duel between partisans. But amongst Independents, they disliked Holden and Blunt and liked Ashcroft and Carnahan.

Fun note: PPP unintentionally released these poll numbers on Matt Blunt’s 39th birthday. Really.

Update: Rich Chrismer referred to the data as highly misleading, before proclaiming Blunt “Missouri’s third most popular governor”. Didn’t know you could proclaim something to be highly misleading before highly misleading others.

The same state that gave Ashcroft 56.7% and 64.2% went on to give Carnahan 58.7% and 57.2%. Another way to put it, in 1984, Ashcroft won 56.7%, Harriett Woods won 53.8%, and Reagan won 60%, in one of Missouri’s greater ticket splitting years.

40% of Missourians vote Democratic almost every time, 40% of Missourians vote Republican almost every time, and the other 20% elaborately split their tickets.

As for a regional split: Obviously, Ashcroft’s strongest region is around Springfield. Blunt’s worst regions were KC and STL City (where he said “people don’t want to live”) and he won a plurality for least favorite in Springfield. The 660 typifies the partisan split, as 38% said Carnahan was their favorite (a plurality) and 28% said that Carnahan was their least favorite. Which proves that the best way to be the least favorite Governor of a Republican partisan is to steamroll them twice in an election.

No word on if David Spade will be hired to keep Matt Blunt busy next year.