They took a break from shopping on the Plaza to convene at the Nichols Fountain to protest those protesting the status quo. They are doing just fine, thank you, and they don’t want to keep things just the way they are if it’s all the same to you.

I like the Billionaires for Wealthcare. They always have professional signs that are easy to read as folks zip past on their way to Aldo Shoes or Tommy Bahama – or perhaps they’re late meeting someone at the Classic Cup. Where ever they’re headed, they have no time for headscratching over protest signs! They’re busy! Plaza people do not have time to stop and read your scrawl! Professional signs with bold block letters are much preferable, and convey a more responsible message. “We have it together enough to have legible protest signs. Now really! Who, pray tell, are you going to believe? Us, or those unwashed heathens over there with the balloon-letters freehanded on posterboard?”

{{Big hugs to my friend Anne, from whom I flat-out stole the picture from her Twitter feed!}}