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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) posted via facebook:

The release of the work-in-progress version of the finance bill should not be seen as the finish line. It is the starting line. Now the hard work begins. I’m still going through all the details of the Baucus Finance proposal, which as of next week will undergo major changes as committee members amend the current bill.

As those changes occur, I’ll be looking specifically at whether this legislation will truly increase competition, bring down costs, help protect consumers, and ultimate bring us better health outcomes. And, any health care reform bill I vote for will have to be deficit neutral.

[emphasis added]

There are a number of comments in support of the public option. And it would appear that Senator Baucus’ health care bill is DOA everywhere but inside the beltway Washington and at old media corporate operations. Even the republicans who worked so hard to place turds in this particular punch bowl aren’t going to vote for it. That’s where believing in David Broder’s myth of “bipartisanship” gets you.

And then there’s this, a comment in response to the second post:

…how about we adopt a policy that any war authorization also be budget neutral?