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The health care rally in Jeff City Wednesday was an all-state affair: people from all nine Congressional districts attended. Talk about bused in activists, it was Bused-in R Us. I’d say there were 250-300 of us. The crowd came armed with enthusiasm and emcee Robin Acree of GRO took full advantage. She sandwiched all ten speakers with chants and songs and even a Forrest Gump skit. And she could sing! In fact, she finished the meeting with this boffo solo, a camp rendition (lyrics “adapted”) of “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

Acree wound up the rally with a finger wagging lecture to all of us to call our legislators, tell them we want health care reform now, and tell them we want a public option. And I haven’t done it yet, but I’m about to. Because Acree threatened us:

“If I call McCaskill’s office and I find out you fools did not call … and say ‘Girlfriend, girlfriend,, we need a public option and when do we want it?”

The crowd yelled, “NOW!”

“All right. If you don’t, I’m calling y’all. I got your numbers too.”

So I’ll call the St. Louis office: 314-367-1364. There are also offices in Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City, and Springfield, as well as D.C. Call one of them. This next two weeks is crunch time.

P.S. One or two teabaggers showed up and were kept at a quiet distance by the cops. But St. Louis radio invited them in, so to speak. I hear that KWMU, the NPR station in St. Louis, reported we had 150 people at the rally and followed up that news with remarks from AFP crazy, Carl Bearden. Sheesh.