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Really, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Leland L. Reed from Pleasant Hill had a letter to the editor published in today’s Warrensburg Daily Star Journal, addressed to Skelton and Senator Claire McCaskill (D)::

…President Obama seems to be dead set on leading us into Socialism and you are helping him in every way you can….

And there are three, count ’em, references to the “Democrat Party”. Uh, it’s the Democratic Party.

The best part of the letter:

…You have both voted for the hate crime bill and claim it will not hurt Christians; however, I or anybody else should preach the true Gospel of Christ which condemns homosexuality we could be prosecuted for inciting hate…

Uh, if that were the case, wouldn’t this letter be prima facie evidence of the “crime”? There’s a part of me that wants to forward the letter to the U.S. Attorney’s office to see if it’s true. I almost consider the hypothetical outcomes a win/win situation.

What are the odds? It’s quite interesting, someone with the exact same name from the exact same town posted on the subject of hate crimes [in reference to editorial cartoon(s) about Condoleeza Rice] on the GOPUSA forum:

11-18-2004, 09:08 AM

Leland L. Reed

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Location: Pleasant Hill, Mo.

[b]Had this been a Republican I am sure the call to prosecute for hate crimes would be loud and clear. Why can’t these so called cartoonist be prosecuted as such. I find it hypocritical for the major news media to print such bigoted and racist things. I cannot bring myself to call them cartoons, they are not funny.


By the way, not all cartoons are supposed to be funny. Sometimes they’re ironic and at other times they are seriously educational. And yes, they can sometimes be offensive. I guess it all depends on who’s Gore is getting oxed.

That’s not all. The odds are about to become astronomical. In 2005, again, someone with the same exact name and from the same exact town had something to say about dogma:

While talking to a couple of my cousins at our family reunion the other day, one of them remarked that Billy Graham had preached his last sermon after 60 years of campaigning. My reply was that it was about time he quit preaching since all he preached was false doctrine…

That settles it, if Billy Graham is somehow involved it has to be a Communist plot.

A Leland Reed of Pleasant Hill serves on the Cass County Road Advisory Board.