Where I live, Warrensburg in Johnson county, there are a number of people who feel it is time to show there is support for REAL health care reform.

We have not yet set a date, but the week before Labor Day looks doable.

What real grassroots efforts are happening in your community?

After the fold, I will give you my ideas about what we need to do at this rally.

I would like comments on what I have missed.

Here is my proposed agenda.

We have people who talk about their problems with paying for their health care.  This would include those with junk insurance and those who can’t get insurance.

I met someone on Tuesday who was just given a card that allows him free health services because he was born with spina bifada because his father was in Vietnam.  

We need to ask people to come and speak.

The minimum requirements we need to demand:

1) A real public option.

2) No denial of insurance based on pre-existing conditions.

3) A revenue neutral bill. (If you need to raise the taxes on those making over $250,000/year, so be it.)

4) Major employers must insure their workers or pay a fee.

We should ask people to write letters to our Congressman (I live in Skelton’s district) and McCaskill.  We provide the paper and envelopes. Bond, I assume, is a lost cause.

Do you have any suggestions?

What is happening in your community?