As the debate over healthcare heats up I would like to take this opportunity to throw out some ideas that might make someone stop and say “I never thought of that!”  Now before I start I want to go on record as being in favor of a public option.  The healthcare community often has to absorb the hit from bankruptcy caused by medical bills.  Society might as well ensure both coverage and payment.  And, if the public option does not satisfy your needs, hopefully you will take your well educated derriere into a high paying job and purchase any one of the private options.  

I would like you all to consider the effects this will have on our illegal immigrants.  Think about it.  An unintended consequence of this program will be to completely shut down this phenomenon.  The IRS will be required to verify everyones insurance coverage.  States will need to verify those who enter into the public option, because as all block grants are handled through state budgets.  There is also likely, but I have not heard of specifics, to be a federal overseer of the benefits used.  

So with multiple levels and departments involved in healthcare and a verification requirement, everyone’s legal status will be considered each year.  Think about this.  Employers are often said to not need to verify the authenticity of one’s status through Social Security as long as that person in question provides a “card.”  

Even if a person is here illegally AND buys the private option, the IRS will have to verify this through matching SS numbers with programs mentioned on tax forms.  In the past there were reasons people could get away with not filing, such as taking cash off the books and only working as day labor, which does not have to be recorded as employees so long as the employee does not work more then x days in so many weeks- I forget the details, but there are “limits.”

But my point is that with a public option that is monitored (likely through sampling tav returns but monitoring nonetheless) there will be unintended consequences.  This may lessen the costs of overall healthcare, I don’t know.  But I assume illegal immigrants do not have coverage and this means their costs are passed on to others.  I also assume the IRS will be able to adequately verify one’s coverage with a valid SS number finally I assume States will take an interest in managing healthcare plans ensuring providers are paid properly and through the correct network.  

This leads me to believe it will be increasingly difficult to have employees that do not possess the requisite status to hold a job and then will not find a benefit to being here.  Just a thought.

Next we will need to evaluate the effects of removing what is it 10-15 million illegals, more, in the rise in goods produced that must follow as migrant workers are removed from the economy, thus bring wages up to their legal limits.  

Now I’m not saying this is the only consequence and do not know that this actually will happen, we Americans are very good at designing systems to solve a problem and then finding out how not to appropriately apply that system.