A staple of the right and the defenders of the status quo that is only working for the insurance companies is that the government is trying to get between you and your doctor.  Everyone who has ever dealt with an insurance company knows that is bullshit; and if anyone would bother to ask the front-line providers of health care, America’s family physicians, the doctors who return your call at 3:00 a.m. – they would find out that the doctors want reform, too.

Since no one seems to be asking them, they have decided to tell you.  Less than an hour ago a press release from the American Academy of Family Physicians landed in my inbox.  The AAFP has launched a website Heal Health Care Now to inform patients and push back against the lies of the noise machine that is trying to kill reform in the interest of insurance company profits.  

But do you know what I found really interesting?  Who the AAFP partnered with to get their message out.  Brave New Films?  The “Pssst.  Do something!” folks? The masters of the progressive viral video? What I read between those lines is that the physicians who want reform have abandoned hope of conservatives getting on board, and they have gone all-in with progressives.  

But what did we expect, really?  At the end of the day, they are physicians, and as such they are necessarily pragmatic.  It would appear that they have decided to concentrate on the patient they can save.