Clark apprised us of conservatives who suddenly find it useful to get all outraged if a black man gets dissed. Never mind that he wasn’t dissed. Seems the African-American man who shouted at Carnahan Monday at the health care reform town hall (and was ignored since he spoke out of turn) showed up for the MoveOn demonstration Thursday at Claire McCaskill’s office. MoveOn had called a rally to speak for a strong public option in health care reform. Only our new favorite demonstrator wasn’t there with the MoveOn people. He was across the street with the counter demonstrators.

Carrying a sign that had some right wing slogan or another and a hammer and cycle, he decided to cross Delmar to where the MoveOn people were. But three African-American ladies weren’t having it. They yelled “Clarence Thomas” at him until he scuttled back to the north side of the street.

Russ Carnahan did not diss that man on Monday, but make no mistake about it, those three women most certainly did. And furthermore, by characterizing him as a Clarence Thomas, they were calling him out on the racial issue. Which, being black themselves, they’re allowed to do.

Thank you very much,ladies.

photo of hammer and sickle courtesy of Flickr user jectre under a Creative Commons license.