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Who could disapprove of the National Park Service for getting input from citizens before deciding whether or how to change the way the Current and Jacks Fork rivers are managed? But hey. They need to listen to logic not volume.

Of course the people who rent horses are going to neigh loud and long about their needs, and so are all those folk who make money from using the bazillion (okay, 100) illegal access points or who use those access points to illegally ride their ATVs onto park grounds and race them along the streams. But the NPS should listen to this sensible whisper: 3,000 horses equals tons of manure in the rivers and 12,000 hooves digging into the banks and eroding them.

At a recent discussion in Kansas City, friends of the park equated the horse population to plopping a city of up to 20,000 humans on the banks. As one park lover noted, “The rivers aren’t set up to handle the current poop-ulation.”

The Jacks Fork is now being listed as an “impaired waterway”.

You could follow this link and have your brief say about the issue to the National Park Service via the Audubon website. If we don’t say something, we’ll be shouted down by those who want permission to pollute.