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Via Randy Turner, Cynthia Davis is back with another Capitol Report, this time tying her defense of her remarks to the warm reception she received at the Fair Tax rally in Columbia.

It feels pretty good to be on the side of the taxpayer. While many of the details need yet to be worked out concerning a fair tax, we should all desire more fairness in our taxation structure[…]

[…]Recently I questioned one expenditure and was viciously attacked by those who were offended by the mere question. We will never get much in the way of fiscal responsibility if the rules are that nobody is allowed to have a civil and intellectual debate.

Well, people were mocking you, Cynthia, because you were extolling the merits of child hunger, and suggesting that they go work at McDonald’s to get a free meal. I believe that there are more hungry children than available jobs at McDonald’s. We also have child labor laws – not all, or even most of the children in question are old enough to work.

But for the moment, I’ll respect Cynthia’s wishes. I’ll stay away from mockery and stick to the facts. Why does Cynthia Davis feel that it’s appropriate to raise taxes on 95% of Missourians or slash the Missouri budget? If the FairTax were instituted as stated in the bill, we would have multibillion dollar budget deficits. If it were made revenue-neutral, it would be a massive tax hike on everyone but the top 5% of income earners in Missouri. A family with an income of $37,000 would see their taxes rise by $2,036.

Why would you do want to do that, Cynthia? Or where would you cut the billions out of our state government? Scrapping school food programs surely wouldn’t cover all of the cuts.