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The Washington Examiner reported a comment by Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt (r – lobbyists) on the Mark Sanford (r – Argentina) story:

Bad timing on Sanford affair for congressional Republicans

By: Susan Ferrechio

Chief Congressional Correspondent

06/24/09 4:54 PM EDT

“…This can be a distraction,” Blunt said of the Ensign and Sanford scandals. “But I think the issues are big enough that they will quickly overcome the distraction…”

The Examiner also included this background in their article:

Washington Examiner – online screen shot, June 25, 2009

Except, that wasn’t the original content.

Our friends at Fired Up got a few screen shots referring to the original content: Washington Examiner scrubs reference to Roy Blunt affair from story on Mark Sanford affair

Google search result with the original language – via Fired Up.

David Catanese at KY3 Political Notebook noticed the original:

KY3 post with the original language – via Fired Up.

Uh, the Internets are forever. Oh, and that thing about “distractions”? Wishful thinking.