Yesterday, a brave and  compassionate doctor was slain in Wichita Kansas by a rightwing extremist who was involved in a militia organization, according to the McClatchy newspapers cited by RBH below.

As tragic as the event was, it should come as no surprise – violent anti-choice groups have advocated murdering doctors who perform abortions, and these violent groups have a long history of working with anti-government militia groups.  In fact, back in 1999, I co-authored a report titled “Connect the Dots:  A Research report on violent extremist groups in Missouri, and their role in anti-choice violence” Connect the Dots.

Unfortunately, rightwing politician  Peter Kinder (the Missouri lieutenant governor) has impeded the ability of the law enforcement community to protect citizens from these extremist vigilantes.  When the Highway Patrol earlier this year produced a report sounding the  alarm about these groups, Peter Kinder attacked the Highway Patrol, rather than working to keep law-abiding Missourians safe.

Where is Peter Kinder now?  Will he reverse course and call for vigorous action by law enforcement against these armed thugs?  Or will he sit back and do nothing?  So far, the silence is deafening.