Via Twitter, Claire got stuck in a Capitol tram today (apparently along with a few other Senators):

Stuck in tram from Capitol to Hart. Broken. Not moving. Lieberman and Alexander in next car. And Voiniitch. Wonder how long we’ll be here?

Naturally, wingnuts find a reason to attack here.


If you are familiar with the tunnel, you know that if help does not arrive, several Senators may ultimately be forced to step down from the tram and walk as much as 60 yards or so to the nearest building! If you are nearby, please come to Senator McCaskill’s aid

And the Heritage Foundation blog piles on:

As Red State points out, the tram that runs from the Capitol to the Hart Senate Office Building covers the distance roughly the length of a football field. So if stuck halfway, this would require the distinguished Senators to walk for at least 3 minutes.

But for Claire to get out and walk, she would have to break a window or break the locks on the door, which automatically lock in case of a malfunction. And Claire finds a good response to wingnuttery:

so many funny replies like RT@mikemadden Obviously you would’ve broken out of tram and freed other passengers if you believd in free markets

(For the Twitter illiterate, RT @mikemadden signifies that Twitter user mikemadden originally tweeted this, and Claire is quoting them and giving them credit.)