In his younger days, Mike McGhee was known as Disco Mike

Who knew that State Rep. Mike McGhee (R-Odessa) could dance? We knew that he was endorsed by the AFL-CIO last November (he was also endorsed by Santa and Santa’s woman on the side).

In the vote to “perfect” the anti-union Orwellian-named HJR 37 last Monday, Mike McGhee voted Aye. But when it came time to vote on the third-reading and approval of HJR 37, Mike McGhee voted Nay. So in the span of 7 days, Mike McGhee voted for and against HJR 37 in two different phases.

Mike McGhee, for someone who wasn’t into politics before running for office, you seem to be pretty good at the Jeff City Shuffle. One of these days you’re gonna have to teach us all how to sell out an endorser on Monday the 27th, and do a backflip back to that endorser on Monday the 4th.

On second thought, if we started practicing advanced dark arts, we wouldn’t be able to take our Bibles on the School Bus Those of you willing to defy the ‘liberal elites’ should turn in your Bibles to Revelation 3:16 for further insight into the consequences of the Shuffle.