I have to agree with Archpundit on “The Austin Model”.

Having lived in Austin, I can say that both Saint Louis and Austin are great places with plenty of advantages and some disadvantages, but there’s no denying that the citizens and leaders in Saint Louis and Missouri have made some poor decisions over the last century that have led to a long slow decline of one of America’s great cities. Austin, on the other hand, has grown from a city of around 350,000 in 1990 to a metropolitan area of over 1,000,000 today. It has a vibrant downtown, a quirky local culture, a great live music scene with multiple festivals each year, and out of this world restaurants.

That doesn’t mean Saint Louis is awful and can never rise again. But there’s no use pretending tht just because we have a few pro sports teams (which are themselves legacies of a prominence now faded) that we can thump our chests and ignore what has happened.