So since I have been offline unless I am at work and using grolaw’s MacBook (still not feeling the love, but he showed me a couple of things that has warmed me up slightly to it) I activated my twitter feed to get tweets from some of those I follow via my phone.  One of them I got phone tweets from was my Senator, Claire McCaskill.  One of the tweets she sent out last night irked me…(Yes, Claire irked me.  And in other news, water is wet…)

H1N1 is better name for flu virus that we’re monitoring. Swine flu makes people think pork is not safe.It is.Not fair to Mo’s hog farmrs.

Well, I had a response for that one:

@clairecmc I would argue that CAFOs are the biggest threat to Missouri hog farmers. The ones who are left, anyway, since CAFOs came in!

Seriously…what was her position 20 years ago when those horrific environmental nightmares came into our state and started driving the small family farms out of business and polluting our waterways?  

And I really want to know – I wasn’t here then, I was wherever the U.S. military told me I would be back then, so if she was speaking up for farmers at that time, that’s great.  But if she wasn’t, she’s got a lot of damned gall getting all high and mighty now.