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State Representative Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) posted via Twitter on Denny Hoskins (r): And how did that meeting go?:

Great visit with UCM Faculty Senate on Friday.2 Senators stayed afterwards and thanked me for my vote on HB 668…about 7 hours ago from web

Two out of how many? We already know that Denny Hoskins doesn’t like to count. In his book those two individuals are apparently a landslide. Maybe he can add them to the two students.

Profs are scared to openly support HB668 as 1 overbearing prof. will try to publicly humiliate them. Say other faculty quietly support also. about 7 hours ago from web

Where to start. This is about as dense as it gets.

1. Really? “1 overbearing professor” on a campus with hundreds of faculty has amassed such power? Please give us his name. We could turn him loose on the Missouri General Assembly instead of having the University President, the Board of Governors, and the Student Government Association weigh in on anything.

2. In the face of overwhelming public opposition on campus, citing someone anonymously who says others “quietly support” the issue is lame in the extreme. It bespeaks a woeful ignorance of the academic community. It’s called “academic freedom” – faculty have a right and an obligation to speak out on the issues facing the institution. Like, for instance, say, the issue of carrying concealed weapons on campus. Usually the only thing holding a faculty member back from publicly expressing an opinion is if it’s a really stupid idea. Oh, wait…

3. Hey Denny, you want a vote of the full faculty? You may just get it. But then again, you don’t like counting.

I’ve come to expect this sort of thing from really bad politicians who somehow think they have a mandate.