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Some might say that African-American politicians are counting their chickens before they’re hatched. Ju-u-st in case Robin Carnahan is the next Senator from Missouri–and isn’t that where (all) the smart money is?–a group of black leaders under the leadership of the Rev. Earl Nance, Jr., and state senator Robin Wright-Jones, are looking to get an African-American appointed to the remainder of Carnahan’s term as Secretary of State. They’re not so much counting unhatched chickens as planting seeds in expectation of a harvest.

It’s time and past time for us to have an African-American in statewide office, and this situation would give that person the incumbency advantage in 2012.

Andria Simckes, who ran unsuccessfully against Clint Zweifel for State Treasurer last year, would be my pick. She’s smart and savvy. She lost that one, but I knew we hadn’t heard the last of her.

The St. Louis Beacon has the story.