As you may have heard by now, the League of Conservation Voters will begin airing this ad asking Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Joplin) to reverse his position on energy legislation and finally support the Democratic energy plan (including cap-and-trade.)

It’s a good ad. America IS an optimistic, can do country, and Roy Blunt IS saying no, that we can’t do it, that he won’t support green collar jobs and clean energy. Now, Political Fix has a statement from Blunt’s spokesman in Blunt’s defense:

“Congressman Blunt led the fight last year for an all-of-the-above energy strategy that included more job-creating American production, more conservation and more alternative fuels. The Democrat majority, however, tried to block every Republican attempt to even debate the need for a new national energy policy,” Simpson said.

“It seems this ad supports Mr. Blunt’s position.”

This is a really brave attempt at spin, as anyone who witnessed the chants of “Drill, Baby, Drill!” at the Republican National Convention or any McCain/Palin rallies of yesteryear will attest. Blunt was actually in favor of a package of bills that subsidized and deregulated Big Nuke, Big Oil and Big Coal, with a small tax credit extension for wind power producers. Restrictions on licensing for new nuclear power plants would be relaxed, drilling would be allowed in coastal regions and in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, and our government would put most of its research efforts and investments into “clean” coal and gasoline substitutes derived from coal, tar, and shale oil deposits. Not exactly heartening to anyone who wants to see America declare independence from fossil fuels in the next several decades.