1. Update.. Currently on the floor (as of 6:35pm CDT): An amendment to allow for concealed weapons on college campuses. Quick Denny, I have an idea of where you can hide during the roll call.

1b. The amendment passes by a vote of 106 to 41. Denny Hoskins was absent on the call of absentees, and they gave him a good 15 seconds to vote after calling his name. Word on the street is that the C in CPA does not stand for courage. Denny took a walk and avoided taking a stance on the topic.

2. Currently on the floor: The House considered an amendment to strip the cost of living adjustment from the minimum wage for tipped servers, with a $3.62 minimum wage.

Update: Amendment adopted. All Democrats against. Every Republican except one for. No word on if the House Republican caucus will up their tipping percentage if Jay Nixon accidentally signs this bill into law.

3. The House approved a constitutional amendment adjusting the Missouri plan. Yay dilution!. Also Tim Jones was present

4. ‘Dear Speaker, please assign my bills to committee or stop beating around the bush. Sincerely, Mike Talboy’ – But the Speaker is so dreamy, right media guys?

5. Also, Newt Gingrich showed up to Jeff City today. No word on if there is a spike in Luntzian talk from Republicans.