It’s 1:35 AM CDT, and your Missouri Senate is still in session. The Senate is debating an amendment to HB 191 (the Jobs Development bill).

I believe the 2009 session record for latest adjournment is around 2:30am.

Update 1 (2:30am CDT): Still in session. Vote on the amendment. A quorum call was unleashed too. Nobody is wanting to stretch this out to 3am.

Update 1b: Senator Griesheimer speaking about his frustrations over the lack of progress on the bill. Claims a lack of cooperation and that forces from outside the Capital are “shaking us down”. Griesheimer notes that he is a “hard-headed Dutchman” who won’t get pushed around. He says that the capital “is going down the tubes” unless people say “enough is enough”. (apologies if this is an update in Twitterese)

Update 2: And the Senate adjourns at 2:45am. Senator Jolie Justus has a more intriguing interpretation of the Griesheimer speech: “Senator Greisheimer is hinting that he will kill bill himself if opposition does not compromise.” If that occurs, then I think calling a special session to get a jobs bill would be justified.