Often, during elections we hear the question who would Jesus vote for? Well, if that is the question in perspective regarding the Healthcare issue in the United States it certainly is an easy one for the almighty himself, after all, Jesus is for life and good health, right? I mean if we can afford to spend 15.2% of our total GDP, approximately more than a trillion dollars in the healthcare industry, why cannot the people who make that possible have the right to ask for a basic health coverage? Right here in Missouri in 2007-2008, nearly one out of three people under the age of 65 went without health insurance for all or part of the two year period. Now, healthcare is no welfare which is clear from the point that the 78.5% people uninsured in Missouri were members of working families. In fact, despite the fact that people of color are far more likely to be uninsured, it was found that 73.5% people were Caucasians in their ethnicity. So, the question that actually comes into being is how will your Congressman and Senator Vote on Universal Healthcare?