Here’s the video I took of the Rally for a Compassionate Missouri Budget on Sunday.


I took lots of footage–of Rabbi Susan Talve, of Dr. David Greenhaw, President of Eden Theological Seminary, of the Community Gospel Choir, and of Representative James Morris, D-St. Louis, pastor of Lane Tabernacle CME Church. Rep. Morris combined Biblical rhetoric (Allen Icet and the Four Horsemen–Stream, Pratt. I don’t know who the other two were, I only took video, not notes) with logical argument about the fiscal practicality of using stimulus funds for Medicaid and social services.

But all that inspiration disappeared into my faulty memory chip. I do, however, remember Morris urging us to get our booties to Jeff City on Wednesday, noon in Hearing Room 7, for a protest against the House budget cuts. Amtrak, here I come. With a new memory chip in the camcorder.