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“Petra” (1992) – Kathleen Caricof-Burns – on the campus of the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg – installed 1993

Kathi [Caricof-Burns] grew up near the sea, and her work reflects the motion and the timelesness that the ocean holds. Her work is a balance between abstract motion, and representation of her subject. Kathi’s work as a stone sculptor is recognized in both commercial and residential spaces.

Kathi Caricof

For an artist to stand before a block of stone, a gift from nature, and begin to chip away at it takes real courage. For an artist to feel that the image they are about to awaken is worthy of that intrusion requires total trust that the parts eliminated will reveal a richer vision. For sculptor Kathi Caricof the concepts she wishes to liberate from the stone are, “those ideas that I am liberating from myself: independence, vulnerability, compassion, clarity, longing, sensuality and isolation…”

…Kathi Caricof is well known and much acclaimed for her marble sculpture and reliefs. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and has received many awards including the “People’s Choice” at the International Snow Carving Championships in Breckenridge. Caricof has installed major pieces of public art on the campus of the University of Denver, for the City of Broomfield, CO, and the cities of Cerritos and Burbank, California. Her main interest is stone but she also works in steel and other metals. Her work consists of three dimensional freestanding sculptures as well as large-scale bas-reliefs…

Artist: Caricof-Burns, Kathleen, sculptor.

Title: Petra, (sculpture).

Dates: 1992. Copyrighted 1992. Installed 1993.

Medium: Sculpture: white marble and black granite; Base: concrete and black granite.


Sculpture: approx. 20 x 20 x 48 in.; Base: approx. 15 x 54 x 22 in.

Inscription: CARICOF (copyright symbol) 92 (On plaque on base, raised:) “PETRA”/BY/KATHLEEN CARICOF-BURNS/INSTALLED 1993 signed

Description: An abstract prone female figure with her head placed down suggesting extreme emotion. The sculpture is placed on a rectangular base. The sculpture and base are situated on a raised flower bed that is encircled by a multisided bench….