The story of sod continues. Our previous coverage and discussion:

In hoc signo vinces

The possibilities:

(1) A midnight raid by a hardened group of radical secularists who may or may not have read the Missouri Constitution and who only had enough time and personnel to abscond with one of the rolls of sod because campus security would have probably noticed a front end loader and a flatbed truck.

(2) The university has really voracious grub worms and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet about what they can really do.

(3) It was a sectarian symbol put there on purpose as a clever ruse to flush out the last pockets of radical secularist resistance in the institution, tenure be damned.

(4) It was an inadvertent coincidence and the people in charge who were not vested in any particular design probably thought, “No problem, we’ll change it. It’s no big deal.”

I pick number four.

Now comes the real issue here. From an aesthetic viewpoint I would have removed the southern (longer) leg and retained the northern leg. They just don’t have any taste or sense of balance and proportion when it comes to this stuff.

Yeah I know, as a practical matter it was easier to remove that shorter leg.